About me

My name is Annika Leistikow and Iā€™m a jewelry artist from Germany. Mountain Moth Jewelry is the way I express myself as an artist - I always want to create some fantastic jewelry worlds which can display my inner self into something unique, something wearable. My pieces are inspired by mystical and occult stuff and by some daily weirdness, I like to play with subtle anxieties and emotions. The combination of precious metals like silver, gold and gemstones with synthetic polymers or glass are so exciting and let me always feel like an Alchemist.

I love getting inspired through Alchemy, nature, history of art, metal music, visiting concerts and festivals, Videogames especially Point and click Adventures of the 80ā€™s and my childhood, movies and series and daily life.

Except to jewelry I make sculptures, illustrations, drawings and everything I need and feel in the moment.

If you have any inquiries, questions or just want to talk, feel free to contact me via .